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Cindy Landolt Interview

Cindy Landolt Interview By Female Muscle Guide

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Where were you born?

Cindy Landolt: I was born in a little Town called Wetzikon, Switzerland.

What is your profession?

Cindy Landolt: I'm a personal trainer in and around Zurich and when I travel to London, Sydney and other beautiful places people get the chance to train with me as well. I also do diet and nutrition consultations. I also offer online training consultations for people all around the world. You can contact me via my website CindyTraining.com

What do you do for fun that does not relate to the sport, do you have any hobbies?

Cindy Landolt: I love to see my family and friends, enjoy nice dinners!
In Summer I love to go paddling in the lake...But I do see my training, planning and the cooking as fun and it is a big part of my free time. Because the Sport and everything that goes with it IS fun I never feel like I have to do it.

How and when did you get involved in weight training?

Cindy Landolt: I was a gymnast for many years and was have been weight training from an early age! I joined a gym for the first time when i was 16 and that's when I realised how much I love the weights!

How often do you train and could you give a brief overview of your weekly workout?

Cindy Landolt: I lift 4 times a week and do some light cardio when I'm not sore. My weekly training looks like that:

Monday: Shoulders, Triceps and Abs
Tuesday: Back and Deadlifts
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Chest, Biceps, Abs
Friday: Squats, Squats, Squats (-:
Saturday: off
Sunday: light cardio when not feeling sore from squatting.

How critical is a good diet in this sport and why?

Cindy Landolt: A good diet is very important! If you dont eat enough protein, you cant gain more muscle. If you dont eat enough carbs, you dont have the energy to lift heavy. If you eat too much carbs, you bulk up, it turns into fat. It is essential to know how much and when to eat to improve your body and achieve the goals you want! A good diet helps your body to recover faster, maintain your body's metabolic rate and accelerating your ability to burn fat!

What is your favorite workout and why?

Cindy Landolt: My favorite workout is on my Squat day! Squats are the best exercises ever and I know how great it is for overall stimulation and muscular development. Thats why i love squatting!

Do you train harder for competition preparation versus training in the offseason?

Cindy Landolt: No, I dont have an on or off season. In fact, I have not competed so far. My shape is pretty much the same all year round. I lift heavy weights all the time, stay strong and lean. I add more cardio training when I have a photoshoot coming up but any other than that my training is the same all year round.

In your opinion what is your best body part?

Cindy Landolt: I have a very deep sixpack and quite strong legs ;-)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Cindy Landolt: Happy doing what I'm doing! More of the same ;-)

Cindy's Website:

- CindyTraining.com.

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  1. Cindy is to be cherished and looked up to, especially that six pack she is to die for!!!.... She is amazing , ripped, muscular, and tall!!!!!!! Perfection!!!:')

  2. @Jorge Ramirez - agreed, she has awesome body!

  3. She has a body of a goddess! I just envy her and the way she optimistically maintains her diet and workouts. Now I'm driven to have a personal training in Perth to get the body I want.

  4. @DaniellaPrice30 - Agreed. Cindy has a magnificent body, good luck with you training!