Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Don’t Let The Cold Break Your Bodily Mould

Don’t Let The Cold Break Your Bodily Mould - Gym Treadmill

The following article is By Jim Rollince of Gym Source, a distributor of home gym and exercise equipment, including , , arc trainers, bikes and more!

This winter, don’t let the cold weather affect your regular workout routine. Sure, this is a lot easier said than done, considering it’s negative 8 and your car won’t start. But perhaps it’s the perfect time of the year to ask for a home gym, or elliptical from your loved one? But for most of us, this is a luxury that we simply cannot afford. The simplest solution would be to join a health club or local gym.

This can be one of the most significant things to do during the cold months. Joining a gym not only gives you the ability to stay in shape, but it also diversifies your daily routine, removing unwanted stress and boredom from your life. Similarly, it gives those of us looking for new relationships the ability to meet new people and explore those others that also share interest in exercise and health.

You see, during winter people have a tendency to eat fattening foods, drink more coffee/tea, and ultimately pursue activities that don’t involve going outside. Subsequently, holiday parties are a huge contributing factor to weight gain and increased appetite. More technically speaking, during the winter months we’re exposed to less sunlight, which will soon lead to fluctuations in hormones and chemicals in the brain. At the same time, the blood vessels in our skin begin to contract, driving blood towards the center of the body which influences our digestive systems.

Combined, all of the above factors above severely hinder our ability to lose inches off our waistline. Yet, the biggest obstacle is simply leaving your house. Some of the best advice I can gave to getting your butt to the local gym involves the following:


Be sure to dress as warm as possible before heading off to the gym. This includes warm-ups, along with advanced gym clothing like under armor for greater protection. Similarly, it’s okay to change at the gym; don’t be ashamed to show off your body in the locker room – This can be a great impediment for a lot of people. The warmer you are before your workout, the easier the transition into full cardio or strength training. Tighter clothing will also help keep warmth in, but if you’re not a fan, or too self-conscious, sweatshirts/pants are an excellent way to go!


It’s almost guaranteed that as human beings, we’re going to eat more during the winter. But eating at the right times (small meals every three hours), while eating the right foods will ultimately give you a better workout and drive you to stay longer. This means foods that are high in protein, along with carbohydrate infused beverages like Gatorade. Although it may not get you to the gym, it will certainly keep you from missing out – Calcium and Potassium are very important for nutritional health and avoiding sickness. Be sure to invest in foods high in both. Also, try substituting some of your every day foods for things like almonds, peanuts, dates and raisins – These are high in protein and natural sugars. They will certainly give you an extra drive during the day. On a side note, they also are great for your digestive system. If not properly maintained, bowel movements can cause distress and back pain, lowering workout motivation.


Drinking adequate amounts of water will also help with digestion and acts as a preventive measure for muscle aches and back pain. And most importantly, it helps with weight loss.


Lastly, be sure to stretch, strengthen, and revive your muscles whenever convenient. This doesn’t have to be at the gym – Use your spare time to stretch your muscles, including the ones in your face. The cold will eventually make you feel achier and tighten everything up. A quirky, yet effective example would be to stretch while in the shower. This is when your core temperature has a chance to rise, allowing for easier stretching.

If you’re already actively involved at a gym, it doesn’t mean that you wont’ gain weight either. Winter’s affects can be quite brutal! Trips the store; walking; playing outside; side-work – This can all be cut in half due to the cold. In order to remedy this, be sure to spend an extra few minutes at the gym, perhaps exploring new exercises. If you abide by these simple stipulations, you’ll find that it’s easy to keep that great summer shape!

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