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Essential Bodybuilding Tips for Women

Essential Bodybuilding Tips for Women

This article is written by Marguerite.

Women being in the weight rooms of a gym was not fashionable a decade ago or two. Rather, women used to prefer walking, aerobics, jazzercise or other types of exercises for weight loss. However, nowadays, many women are willing to pump iron just like a man to improve their health and fitness levels through bodybuilding.

Do you know why weight training is very important for a woman to find good health and fitness levels? The main reason is because weight training jump starts your metabolism and hence offers a more effective and efficient way to shed your calories. Once your muscles begin gaining mass through weight training, you will burn more calories in order to stimulate the muscle transformation.

Bodybuilding is all about Balance

One of the great factors about body building for women is it does not leave any space for fat to develop around. Women can actually lose little fat by controlling their diet and lowering calorie intake. By doing so, your new growing muscles eat up calories that you take as well as some of the reserved calories of your body fat.

You need to determine a balance in your diet to prevent your body from striking back by shrinking your muscles and storing more fat than earlier to reimburse. Additionally, though weight training is not regarded as aerobic activity, some studies have proven that it can improve your heart rate just like cardiovascular exercises which is crucial for burning the body fat.

Eating Habits

Taking just 3 meals a day will not be enough to gain the muscle that you need. Rather, eat 5 to 6 square meals a day. Make sure that the meals and snacks that you take are well-balanced and healthy. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be part of the meals. Consume plenty of vegetables, fruits, poultry, eggs, fish, breads, whole grains and cereals. You can include calorie and protein rich snacks to munch, such as trail mixes, dry fruits, protein shakes, protein bars and so on.


Make sure to include foods that contain vitamin B into your diet. It helps to breakdown the fats and carbs for your muscle building. Also, you should intake minimum 1.3 mg of riboflavin and 400 mcg of folate. Good sources of vitamin B are whole grain cereals, whole grain bread, yogurt, fat-free milk, grape fruit, orange juice, lettuce, kale and broccoli.

Weight Lifting

You need to choose higher weight to gain bodybuilding. If you really want to achieve bodybuilding, you should push the quantity of weight that you lift while working out. Lower weights with higher number of reps will not be as helpful as higher weights with lower number of reps will be. Choose weights that you can lift for 6 to 12 reps. In order to increase gains you can add more weight week by week.

Do not worry about Bulking up. You do not need to worry about beginning a weight training program for bodybuilding. Weight training will not build up bulky mass to a woman’s body until and unless she pumps steroids into her blood stream. Rather, weight training in women can create fibrous and solid muscle with less fat which actually offers a svelter and smaller appearance.

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