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Sheila Bleck Interview

Sheila Bleck Interview By Female Muscle Guide

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When were you born?

Sheila Bleck: 10-14-74

What do you do for fun that does not relate to the sport, do you have any hobbies?

Sheila Bleck: In ways everything I do relates to my sport. Dance choreography, enjoy listening to music for it not only helps with motivation but also helps me create and choreograph. I enjoy cooking; making new diet prep plans ect. But on a real down time, I enjoy just Being outside I love nature. I’m not much of a TV person but when UFC or MMA fights are on, I get glued to that. If not paying attention to bodybuilding I am paying attention to our fighters out there…

How and when did you get involved in weight training?

Sheila Bleck: I have a hard time answering this question every time. Got involved at a very young age. Influenced by watching the Hulk and Rocky.

How often do you train and could you give a brief overview of your weekly workout?

Sheila Bleck: everyday, as years gone by, I have more need to train everyday, perhaps one day be just Focused on cardio, stretching, balances and transitions. Not going to type out my workout Overview it’s too much.

How critical is a good diet in this sport and why?

Sheila Bleck: I always found it critical. If you don’t eat right you feel tired, lethargic, and gloomy which leads to depressed like emotions or anger. For in this sport, it will show if you don’t eat right. How? Easy one will carry to much body fat and hold a lot of water in the fat as well under the skin showing no definition.

What is your favorite workout and why?

Sheila Bleck: I don’t have a favorite, I enjoy all my workouts. Each waking day I know what I am training and how I am going to go about it, it’s a mindset and I love it all!

Do you train harder for competition preparation versus training in the offseason?

Sheila Bleck: I train hard no matter what the season is. The difference is, the goal on prep is to keep your body in fat burning mode. While awake, and during your sleep. I split up my workouts in two’s, then last four weeks into three’s. The diet is different to. I make sure I never skip my meals and pay close attention to what is going in as well as my energy output, its more science involved during prep and focus is non stop and you get very quiet. So its not just the training, what makes its harder is how your diet is kept along with not missing supplements it’s a non stop thing for a solid 12weeks and it will show in the end of finishing product, Your physique!

Did you want to compete from the day you started or did you gradually come in to it?

Sheila Bleck: No of course not, its something that gradually came about. I always was into training mixed it with modern dance for that’s what I did in junior high into high school, in which I did do the dance shows and I was apart of a contest for which my dance that I choreographed won! There on went into my first gym around 15yrs old. Within a year I went onto a powerlifting team, did that for two years and competed as well. After high school graduation had plenty of training under my belt as well as performing in front of an audience. So I prepped for my first show when I was 18yrs old.

When and what was your first competition and how did you do?

Sheila Bleck: Bill Pearl Classic in 1993 place 2nd in heavy weight novice class.

How often do you compete now?

Sheila Bleck: At least once a year, I have done more in my time up to three but its best to keep it within one or two a year.

Could you list the competitions you have competed in and your placement?

Sheila Bleck:

Bill Pearl Classic 1993 2nd place heavy /Oregon Coast 1995 1st place heavy /Oregon State 1998 1st place heavy/ Oregon State 1999 1st place heavy/ Oregon State 2000 Overall/ Emerald Cup 2000 Overall/ USAs nationals 2000 16th/ Contra Costa 2002 Overall/ Nationals 2003 6th place heavy/ Nationals 2005 12th/ USAs nationals 2006 3rd place heavy/ Nationals 2006 3rd place heavy/ USAs nationals 2007 2nd place heavy/ Nationals 2008 Overall earned Pro Card.

In your opinion what is your best body part?

Sheila Bleck: Honestly I don’t have one lol! My physique anymore is well balanced and I am very happy with after all these years what each body part has developed. I always wanted abs all year round made that happen several years ago, next was bringing in my glutes more and they get better and better every year so I train that area about three times a week not including cardio glute training. So perhaps right now that may be my favorite area because I so focused on it right now.

Is women’s bodybuilding as respected as men’s bodybuilding or is it criticized more?

Sheila Bleck: Women’s bodybuilding is not as respected as the men’s. Perhaps several years ago it was, but now days it is not. There is no shade of gray for us. Its either folks love it, or they dislike it and will make hideous remarks toward us. But then again anything I do, I did it for my own not for others to sugar coat me. But I will say this, we may get barked on, but guess who are the first people to reach out to us if your health isn’t where you want it to be, or if you always tired and wonder where we find the energy or the time, how come this and that!! Questions are endless but then again we are freaks right?? So leave us alone, and answer your own damn questions and quick pointing figures and blame! only losers do that or people who are absolutely unhappy with themselves or unhappy about something, they missing something within but that’s not our fault. Some need to be accountable for their own self-neglect.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Sheila Bleck: To be completely debt free lol! Would love to have my own home. Love to be married and have a small business that we can call ours. I believe I still be involved with the industry. Perhaps by then I may have put up the competing thing but have my own studio to teach others how to pose, transitions and choreograph their routines. That’s where my heart is at.

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