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Top Strength Training Apps for Women

Top Strength Training Apps for Women

This article is written by Pearlie Davis

Pump up your workouts with these four muscle building tools

Are you a busy mom whose only workout is chasing after your kids? If you’re tired of sweating it out at the gym on the elliptical machine with zero results, you might want to consider adding strength training to your exercise regimen. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, a mere two sessions of resistance training each week can reduce overall body fat by about 3% (or two inches off of your waist and hips) in a little over 2 months' time. It’s true; strength training builds lean muscle mass, and lean muscle mass boosts your metabolism, which helps keep your body a toned, lean, fat-burning machine.

The following smart phone applications - for the BlackBerry, iPhone, and even for T-Mobile LG cell phones - can be added to your workout arsenal to get your workout really pumping . . .

1. Authentic Yoga ($1.99 – for Android)

I didn’t think yoga was going to be a hard exercise until I pulled on my tights and got on the mat. Boy was I wrong. Yoga is a great strength training exercise for men and women because it creates long, lean muscle mass—especially in your core (abdominals, glutes, lower back, and hips) while stretching out the body and alleviating pain. The Authentic Yoga app features audio instruction from yoga greats, Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles, who lead users through traditional yoga poses to strengthen the core muscles and remedy tight shoulders, hips, and relieve back pain. It’s a great way to kick start your strength training sessions or to relieve tension after a strenuous weight lifting session.

2. Pocket Trainer ($12.99 – for BlackBerry)

The Pocket Trainer is like having a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. This app features more than 300 exercises in the form of videos that show you proper form for all exercises, and accompanied by clear written descriptions to keep you safe and ensure proper rest periods after each set. Use the Pocket Trainer app to personalize your workout program and tailor it to your needs and fitness goals. Simply launch the app, set up your user profile, pick the time you want to devote to exercise, select the weight lifting equipment you have on hand, and the app will create a balanced strength training program for you. This app will also automatically track your progress and change up your fitness program as you progress—just like a real personal trainer (without the high price tag).

3. Six-Pack App ($0.99 – for iPhone)

The Six-Pack App offers safe, effective exercise instructions that target specific body parts–including the chest, shoulders, back, butt, and legs. This app guides you safely through each exercise with detailed illustrations on how to target and effectively work the muscles involved. Regardless of if you’re a newbie or a gym veteran you can choose from a variety of workouts at your level and build up as you progress.

4. iSometrics – Low Impact Exercises Anywhere (Free – for iPhone)

Are you stuck at your desk for 8+ hours each day? Believe it or not you can squeeze in an effective workout with the iSometrics app. The creator of iSometrics – Low Impact Exercises Anywhere developed the app as the solution to working long hours without a workout. This app focuses on isometric training, a strength training program that focuses on muscle contractions with little to no visible movement (think about doing abdominal or butt contractions while you drive) so you can do them at your desk or in almost any location. With isometrics, users are asked to hold a position for a specified time instead of doing repetitive movements (or reps). The iSometrics app features 50 exercises that effectively target every major muscle group, plus training charts that you can use to track your progress.

Pearlie Davis is a staff writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone news, commentary, and reviews.

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