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Cathy Lefrancois Interview

Cathy Lefrancois Interview By Female Muscle Guide

Where and when were you born?

Amqui, Quebec, Canada in 1971

What is your profession?

Pro Bodybuilder

What do you do for fun that does not relate to the sport, do you have any hobbies?

I spend my leisure time answering my fans emails and working on my website. I love connecting with my fans! I also just enjoy staying home and working around the house. I love to cook and decorate!

How and when did you get involved in weight training?

When I was 14, I saw a guy with huge legs and calves. I asked him how he got them. He said it was from speed skating. I wanted those calves, so I started speed skating and competed for many years. Later, a friend of mine in my class had big forearms with veins! I asked how he got them. He said he was training at home with some dumbbells. He brought me a magazine with Corey Everson on the cover. I said that is the way I want to look.

How often do you train and could you give a brief overview of your weekly workout?

Sample Off-Season Training per Body Part: I never had a specific training on paper , I train like I feel I just make sure I follow my basic plan and train hard everytime. Shoulders day 1 / hamstrings day 2 / back day 3 / biceps day 4 / legs day 5 / triceps chest day 6. I try to do 4 difference exercises and I do high and low rep heavy and light! I listening my body!

Sample Pre-Contest Training per Body Part:
Train the same just bring the cardio to my diet plan. Cardio start 3 month early by 20 min every se day and go up to 45 every day to sometime at night 20-30 if I am not happy the way I look.

How critical is a good diet in this sport and why?

Very Important! I always prepare my food and take it with me if I am traveling so I can assure myself that I will eat right. And most importantly, I do not cheat on my diet.

What is your favorite workout and why?

Reverse Lunges, I love to train my legs :)

Do you train harder for competition preparation versus training in the offseason?

I train hard all the time!

Did you want to compete from the day you started or did you gradually come in to it?

Yes! I wanted to compete since the day I stepped foot into the gym.

When and what was your first competition and how did you do?

The 1990 Quebec Metropolitain Regional Amateur. I did well and was selected for the best routine!

How often do you compete now?

Could you list the competitions you have competed in and your placement?

2009 NY Pro: 1st
2009 Arnold Classic: 8th
2008 NY Pro: 1st

In your opinion what is your best body part?

My heart :)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’d like to be a positive role model / Ambassador for female Bodybuilding and help others strive to do their very best.

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