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Frances Anza Interview

Frances Anza Interview By Female Muscle Guide

Where and when were you born?

I was born in Bronx N.Y. in October 15, 1969.

What is your profession?

I got a Bachelor Degree in Communications, A Master Degree in Marketing Management, and Certified Aerobic Instructor and Personal Trainer by Aerobic International Training in Puerto Rico sponsor by (ACE), Power Pace Instructor and Kickboxing Aerobic Instructor.

What do you do for fun that does not relate to the sport, do you have any hobbies?

I love to read everything related to our Spiritual Growing and Personal Best, I meditate, enjoy quiet days watching TV and once in a while go out to Dance.

How and when did you get involved in weight training?

I always wanted to be a bodybuilder but was too busy with Collage and work, until my own health (Stomach Ulcer) by having a bad nutrition force me to start eating healthy, and had to lose weight and one thing lead to another, it became my lifestyle.

How often do you train and could you give a brief overview of your weekly workout?

When I’m off season I train 5 days a week but when I’m getting ready for competition I do it 6 days in road. My weekly train is Mondays and Thursday Legs (high reps and sets) Tuesdays and Fridays Shoulder, Triceps, Biceps (Heavy); Wednesdays Back and Chest (Circuit Training) And Saturdays Abs, and Circuit or Triceps and Biceps. Cardio (Run 6 to 7 miles every morning) and 8 to 6 weeks before shows twice a day, but my second cardio is just 30 minutes of Stepper or Elliptic.

How critical is a good diet in this sport and why?

I would say is the most important part of it, without a good diet it doesn’t matter how well or hard we train the outcome is not going to be the same, and that makes a difference between placing in a good position or none at all. Personally for me is 75% diet, 20 % Training and 5% resting well.

Do you train harder for competition preparation versus training in the offseason?

I train hard all year long, my off seasons are also important because If I let go or take to easy when my 16 weeks prior to a competition have to be more intense so I preferred to keep training hard, just do cardio once a day for 4 to 5 days and then when I’m getting closer to the event the transition will be easier, just add more sets and reps and the second cardio.

Did you want to compete from the day you started or did you gradually come in to it?

No, I knew from the beginning that I really wanted to compete, I remember seeing the fitness magazines and admiring the bodies I saw and wishing that someday I would have the body, and compete, so far I achieved it, I been getting to know my body daily and know what works for me, and after 5 years being in bodybuilding and placing top 3 in P.R. I then decided to change to Figure since 2006 and it’s also been a blessing, my goal and dream is to become an IFBB Pro in Figure.

When and what was your first competition and how did you do?

My First Competition was in Puerto Rico ( Copa Viva Mas 2000) and I won first place and Overall.

How often do you compete now?

Since 2000 every year, I stopped on 2002 took a break and came back better 2003 until 2005 then switch to Figure, since 2006 competing in the U.S., and International Events with PR BB Federation.

Could you list the competitions you have competed in and your placement?

2009- Ms.Puerto Rico Figure 2009 2nd Place

2008- IFBB Women’s World Championship of Bodybuilding, Body Fitness and Fitness in Santa Susanna, Spain

2008- Ms. Puerto Rico Figure 2008 Won 1st Place and Overall

2008- Jr.Nationals in Chicago 15 Place Figure Class B

2007 - Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding, Fitness and Body Fitness Championships, Bermuda: 5th Place
2007 - NPC Atlantic City Figure Championships, Atlantic City: 3rd Place Figure Class C
2007 - Europa Super Show/Dallas, Texas: 8 Place Figure Class C
2006 - New York, Bev Francis NPC Atlantic State Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Championship 8 Place Figure Class B
2006 - New York, Bev Francis NPC Atlantic State Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Championship 8 Place Figure Class B

As A Bodybuilder:

2004 - Body Rock, - 5th Place MW Bodybuilding
Ultimate Bodybuilding Championship- 3rd Place Open
Ms. & Mr. Puerto Rico 2nd Place Open
2003 - 4ta Copa Viva Mas- 1st Place Open
Ismael Classic- 1st Place Open
Universal Classic- 3rd place Open
Ms. & Mr. Puerto Rico 2nd Place
Lima, Peru- Iberoamericanos 6th Place Open
2001- Copa Viva 2nd place Open
Ms. & Mr. Puerto Rico 3rd Place Open
2000 - (In P. R.) Copa Viva Mas 1st Place,
Circuito Clasificatorio- 1st Place Middle Weight

2007 - Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding, Fitness and Body Fitness Championships, Bermuda: 5th Place
2007 - NPC Atlantic City Figure Championships, Atlantic City: 3rd Place t Place Middle Weight

In your opinion what is your best body part?

My best body part is Legs and at the same time is the one that I have to train the hardest.

Is women’s bodybuilding as respected as men’s bodybuilding or is it criticized more?

Unfortunely people still criticized us more, because they think that a woman shouldn’t have to much muscle, but I think that is our duty as athletes and trainers to educate people that choosing a sport that can be consider extreme (in my opinion) the training and diet is hard, we still are feminine and at the end is also about choosing a healthy lifestyle, because once we chose to compete and be an athlete discipline, will power and structure is the main key in this sport and being out dancing all night and not eating healthy is impossible to achieve our goals.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Well as an athlete obtaining my Pro card in 2010 (God willing) and Qualify for the Ms.International and Ms.Olympia and as Business woman right now I’m working very hard to become a Fitness Icon through my Company Figure and Fitness Lifestyle training other woman for competitions and they are doing great, training my clients helping them to achieved healthy goals, working with everything related to this industry, launching my fitness cloth line and supplements.

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