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Theresa Hendricks Interview

Theresa Hendricks Interview By Female Muscle Guide

Where and when were you born?

I was born in Miami Fla on March 1st 1961

What is your profession?

I am a professional Photographer in the art of commercial and portraiture photography and fashion. I run Reflexavision.

What exactly is Reflexavision?

Reflexavision is my new company that I have just started. It is a combination of my talented services that I have to offer. I felt compelled to offer my services and talents in choreography and photography to help others achieve their best and raise the sport we love to a new level. I have overheard often by the crowds, promoters, judges, photographers, and athletes that there is a need for greater artistry in the industry. The crowds want entertainment, the promoters want more crowds, the judges want more creative posing styles, the photographers are looking for models who can save them time and energy and the athletes want to be noticed.
My Photo Booth Camps will teach all of the athlete models - Different facial expressions - Posing your body within your surroundings - Blend in with nature on location - Posing sexy in a bedroom scene, office, closet, bathroom, living room - Being flirtatious on camera - Posing using your clothes to emphasize your body and sex appeal - Photo shoots will take place in Studio and Outdoors on location
You will watch as I demonstrate for you many different moves in each scenario. Then you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned. Afterward you will be photographed by me as I guide, instruct and pose you through your moves. My qualifications can been seen at
My First Photo Boot Camp workshop starts April 17th & 18th 2010
To reserve your spot go to

What do you do for fun that does not relate to the sport, do you have any hobbies?

LOL! Fun! There is no time for fun! The real fun beings in the off season of training which is very short. Fun for me is eating and drinking LOL! I love to go dancing, so I will do more of that with hubby. I love to go visit my kids and granddaughter in Atlanta. The most fun I had with my girls is when we went to Canada for my daughters 18th birthday, we went snowmobiling, horse back riding, dog sledding, skiing, and my girls and I went out one night and did lots of shooters, played darts and flirted with men! Well they did, men were flirting with me LOL! I am married! I also love when the Holidays come around and all of the family is together, we will play mind blowing mental strategy games and drink some until we can’t keep our eyes open anymore! It gets very loud in my house, the Hendricks men and wives our very funny, talkative, fun! And have strong voices, I usually get very hoarse from trying to be heard over the noise LOL! I will lose my voice for about 2 days. But I love it!

How and when did you get involved in weight training?

Part of my background and personality is very competitive and I have an inner drive to achieve. I began winning the Presidential Physical Fitness Awards in sixth grade. I played field hockey, softball, did track and field in High School. I wanted to play all the sports and box to, but women were not allowed on the football team, wrestling, and the like. I started lifting weights in a 10th grade co-ed gym class; I was on a mission to be stronger than the boys.

The first bodybuilding show I did was in the 80’s I was 18yrs old. The first show I did I took 1st place and best poser, I did one other show after that and finished 2nd place one month later. Then one day at the gym while looking in the mirror I saw dark circles under my eye’s and thought, I don’t like the way that my face is looking, and that was a look of tiredness; I thought in my head and said to myself at 18 I should not be looking like this, so I quit training for shows and just kept weight training for fun.

At 20yrs I was common law married to a man 10yrs my senior and I was running his Million Dollar a year produce company and still training just for the hell of it. I have always love lifting weights and staying strong, a girl never knows when she may be put in a serious situation and will need to be able to protect herself.

How often do you train and could you give a brief overview of your weekly workout?

I weight train 5 days a week. Each day I work a different body part, I do not do splits, and I don’t even know what they are! On a typical day each body part that I train will consist of about 7 different exercises, each exercises will have around 4 sets, with 8 to 15 reps in it. The lower reps are for maintaining size and the higher reps are for developing the cuts. Starting at around 4 weeks out from a show my cardio will be like 2 hrs a day, 1 hr in the morning before I eat, and the other hour after weight training 7 days a week.

How critical is a good diet in this sport and why?

I do not develop my own diet and workout plans, I have a coach for this! So I just follow what they say to do. I will admit there have been times that I will cheat on my diet even up to 2 weeks out. And when I say cheat, I mean I am eating pop corn at the movies and sometimes even a bad of twizzlers! I am strong at times with my diet, but I also can very weak on them! This is more than likley why my legs don’t come in as tight and as hard as some would like to see them LOL! You know who you are!!! But all of that will be changing soon! I hope to be looking different in this dept come this Nov at the Nationals! I can remember one time when I did go 12 weeks with out cheating on my diet and my legs were banging tight and hard! Dieting is very hard to do, especially when you are on some kind of diet year round, even in the off season I am on a diet that may only let me eat 3 free meals per week!

What is your favorite workout and why?

I love working shoulders! Why because I love to see them swell up, become rounder and fuller! And I love watching the men looking at them wishing that they could have my size or do a 40lbs dumbbell shoulder press!

Do you train harder for competition preparation versus training in the off season?

No I actually train harder in my off season; this is the time to build size for me! But this frustrates me to no ends! I train hard for size but yet I can not put on anymore size, so for me it’s like training just to maintain what I have. I am all natural, drug free, never have done a drug in my life pertaining to this sport! I really don’t even care anyways about getting more size except in certain areas of my body. The body parts that I would like more size in are my lats, and I would like a bit more thickness in my back! I love looking strong but also love looking feminine!

Did you want to compete from the day you started or did you gradually come in to it?

Yes! I started training just so that I could compete back in the 80’s. Then I quit, and decided to start competing again in 2004 but this time as a fitness competitor. But then after a few fitness shows the judges talked me into going over to bodybuilding. I told them no at first, because I felt that I could have never competed against girls that did enhancement drugs, nor would I ever do them! They assured me that I would be fine and that I would not have to do them, and that they liked the way I looked naturally, so I said ok, I’ll give it a try! And ever since then I have been doing very well in the sport! So I want to thank the judges who believed in me to direct me in the right direction of the sport that I have always loved the most, and that is bodybuilding!

How often do you compete now? I try to do a least 3 show per year!

I'll try to do the Masters, The Team Uv, and then the Nationals. Next year my plan is to do the Arnolds, this will be my first time doing this show, then the Masters, Team Uv one more time!!!! Only LOL it is getting embarrassing to me to keep coming in 2nd place. And I am tired of being the Bridesmaid! I WANT TO GO TO THE WORLDS! The Hendricks men are in the ARMY fighting for our country and I to want them to see their wife / mother fighting for our Country at the World Bodybuilding Championships!

Could you list the competitions you have competed in and your placement?

Yes from the earliest to present.
Choo Choo Classic - 1981
Body Building
Chattanooga, TN
Overall First Place
Best Poser

Capitol Classic – 2004
Montgomery, AL
3rd Place

Georgia State Championship – 2004
Morrow, GA
2nd Place

Junior USA Nationals – 2005
Charleston, SC
3rd Place – Tall

NPC Fitness Nationals – 2005
Atlanta, GA
5th Place - Tall

Pittsburgh NPC Bodybuilding Championships – 2006
Pittsburgh, PA
1st Place – Heavyweight

NPC Junior Nationals – 2006
Chicago, IL
1st Place – Lt. Heavyweight

NPC Team Universe - 2006
New York, NY
2nd Place – Heavyweight

NPC Bodybuilding Nationals – 2006
Miami, FL
5th Place – Heavyweight

NPC Team Universe - 2007
New York, NY
2nd Place Heavyweight
NPC Masters - 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
4th place Light Heavyweight
NPC USA'S - 2007
Las Vegas, NV
12th Place - Light Heavyweight

Off in 2008 due to many injuries

NPC Team UV – 2009
NY City
2nd place HW Class

2009 Nationals Next!

What are your future competition goals?

To do well at the Nationals coming up in Nov. Next year going to the Worlds from the Team UV or maybe enter the Masters Worlds. I would like to get my pro card and to compete in the Ms. Olympia competition and win it as an all natural girl! I no some of you are laughing now, but hey one can dream right LOL! But this is my goal!
In your opinion what is your best body part? My shoulders and my abs!

Is women’s bodybuilding as respected as men’s bodybuilding or is it criticized more?

This depends on who you are targeting when you ask this question. I would say that most of the fans respect it because they know that amount of time, energy and hard work that we put into our training. Then I would say this! most of the general public doesn’t like it! For most men it is a turn off to see a woman looking like more of a man then they are! I mean come on, when a woman has more muscles then most of the guys at the gym; and sounds like a dude! That is pretty scary to most anyone! And the general woman! Forget it! They are so scared to even hire a woman bodybuilder as their personal trainer because the first thing they are thinking is that they do not want to look like some of us! For the most part, women will come up to me and compliment me on my arms and state that they would love to have them! Most men just want my abs LOL!

Now! In my opinion when it comes to advertisers in the media world, TV, Magazines, Movies, Supplements companies, there is no respect for the Female Bodybuilder! This up sets me and is very unfair! The men in our sport are making money with their hard muscular bodies and that’s fine with me they deserve it! But there are plenty of very attractive Fitness, and Female Bodybuilders who look very fem that are not overly developed that I feel should start getting signed on to promote products and be featured in the media world. Times are changing! America is screaming for a healthier Nation! Most people are fat and over weight and want to get healthier and get in shape, but instead of having more commercials on TV featuring a pretty fit fem looking female bodybuilder or even female fitness competitor they still are using the typical average skinny fit chick to sell a product, just look at the Nike Commercials or other well known sporting goods companies commercials; do you see a known female face in our sport there? And to the promoters of supplements and protein powders in the business of targeting the Bodybuilder, or the average guy who wants to get bigger, know this! The females that you are not using to advertise your products are the ones using your products to; it’s not just the guys buying your stuff! There are plenty of female athletes in the world today! Wake up!

How do you feel about drug use in the sport and have you ever used any?

It’s sad! I hope to help bring the sport back around to the look of the late 80’s when the female bodybuilder still looked like a woman! To all the young ladies thinking about coming into the sport of bodybuilding I hope to encourage you and influence you. I would like to say this! Start your training at a young age like I did starting earlier. I started lifting weights for the fun of it when I was in 10th grade. I only stopped lifting weights for about 3 yrs in total in my life and I am now 48yrs! I took off those three years due to school and having kids. Don’t be inpatietint to get size, this is usually when girls start taking drugs because they are not willing to work hard naturally on their own, and they are not usually eating the right amounts of proteins! Bigger is not always better in our sport, it is the condition that you bring to the stage. I am proud to say that I have placed very well in my shows compared to many younger ladies that were way bigger than me. Please do not do the drugs, there are so many side effects that are life long and that can kill you.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself still training to live a healthier life, and to live longer! I hope to have a pro card way before then LOL! I don’t want to think that I’ll still be on stage competing at the age of 58yrs! I would like to become a promoter of my own bodybuilding show one day. I would also like to have written a book about my life. I would also love to get a contract with the NPC to put on a stage production show during intermission time at some of the bigger show events! I am a choreographer at heart and the music is alive in my soul!

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