Female Muscle Guide Interviews:

Cindy Landolt Personal Trainer - Interview - Janelle Tsao Bikini Competitor Thumbnail Image 1 - Julia Hubbard Thumbnail Image 1 - Lisa Cross Female Bodybuilder Thumbnail Image 1 - Sheila Bleck Female Bodybuilder Thumbnail Image 1 - Tracy Hess Female Bodybuilder Thumbnail Image 2 -

If you are a female athlete that would like to be interviewed on, simply answer the following questions then the answers along with images of yourself:

Where were you born?
What is your profession?
What do you do for fun that does not relate to the sport, do you have any hobbies?
How and when did you get involved in weight training?
How often do you train and could you give a brief overview of your weekly workout?
How critical is a good diet in this sport and why?
What is your favorite workout and why?
Do you train harder for competition preparation versus training in the offseason?
Did you want to compete from the day you started training or did you gradually work your way in to it?
When and what was your first competition and how did you do?
How often do you compete now?
Could you list the competitions you have competed in and your placement?
What was your most memorable competition and why?
In your opinion what is your best body part?
Is women’s bodybuilding as respected as men’s bodybuilding or is it criticized more?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?